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what is biz.Clarency?

biz.Clarency is a single-source solution, developed by experienced bankers, to enable the three key elements of international business. It's aimed principally at banks and other financial institutions, but it can create opportunity and remove barriers for almost any organisation that needs to trade across borders.

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We’re surrounded by digital cures for practically every business ill. There’s no shortage of innovative solutions, each designed to do a job to help your business along. But adopting all of them would leave you little time to get on with the very business they set out to help. So you have to prioritise those that tackle your most pressing issues, and deliver the biggest benefit. Or do it all with biz.clarency.

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You can’t afford to allow your business to be hampered by poor availability of core currencies. With biz.Clarency you can ensure consistent flows that free you to do more deals and make more profit.


Here’s a payments platform that interfaces directly with – and conspicuously enhances - SWIFT, automatically embedding access to full background information into the MT103.


Our compliance system moves KYC and EDD from a retrospective, it-wasn’t-our-fault box-ticking exercise into a business-enabling, fraud-exposing engine that catches malfeasance before it happens.

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How did it all get so complicated?

Surely, B2B deals should be about a movement of goods in one direction, matching a movement of money in the opposite direction. Both parties get what they want, and everyone’s happy.

Sadly, it just isn’t that simple. International trade runs into all sorts of complications, from financial compliance to trading sanctions, currency regulations, correspondent banking and more.

Our aim has been to put back the simplicity by removing the complexity, allowing you and your customers to concentrate on your core business. It’s taken a lot of planning and some pretty sophisticated technology. Achieving simplicity is a complicated task.

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We understand this because it’s the exact circumstance that led us to develop solutions to our own challenges when, back in 2004, we embarked on a journey to deliver compliant payments to some of the world’s most challenging regions. Piece by piece, we created systems that gave us liquidity in over 100 currencies, that powered rapid payments, and that delivered better-than-bank compliance.

We created an engine that did all of this and more. It transformed our business, and now it’s available to do the same for yours.

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biz.Clarency in action

How did it all get so complicated?

This all may sound good in theory, but how does it translate into the real world? Launched in January 2021, biz.Clarency is already proving its worth for several major international FIs. As at , it has protected and facilitated over $ in international transactions.

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