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The biz.Clarency engine has its roots in an essentially manual system that began in 2004. Back then, we saw that effective cross-border trade needed more detailed diligence than simply on-boarding a business correspondent on the basis of a few documents and a credit check. It was clear that the only way to steer clear of trouble was to vet every transaction. In those days this involved a lot of people and even more pieces of paper.

We've come a long way since then, developing a due diligence platform that safely manages more than $2 billion per year in global transactions. Automation has become key to that capacity, and we've stayed cautiously abreast of new technologies, adopting only those that demonstrate real benefit for our customers.

2020 saw the launch of biz.Clarency, the latest and completely clean-sheet iteration of our time-proven due diligence platform. As you'll see, it takes financial compliance far beyond just complying with regulations. It's now a holistic business engine that opens opportunity for world trade.


It shouldn't be. International trade is the oxygen of the global economy. Without it, everything stops working. Currencies may rise and fall, commodities boom and bust and markets bear and bull, but it's physical trade that generates the wealth to drive it all. Yet it's far easier to buy and sell virtual digits than it is to export or import a shipment of bananas.

Whether you're importing, exporting or facilitating the funds transfer, the road ahead is full of potholes, unexpected bends and hazardous crossings. For banks, the risk of bad transactions threatens non-compliance penalties that run into billions. For the businesses moving the goods, the journey can end in oblivion.

To mitigate the risks, banks have to comply with stringent regulations, while importers and exporters have to ensure that their goods and payments will actually arrive. And looming behind it all are the threats of money-laundering and funding of terrorism. Avoiding those dangers takes time, sometimes months, and it can soak up an unsupportable amount of profit.

As the decline in correspondent banking continues, more and more opportunity is being missed. That's lost revenue for banks and their customers. No one benefits from the retreat.

We think there's a better way

In fact we know there is, because we've built it. We can show you how bank onboarding can be achieved in a fraction of the time it currently takes - often making it a same-day result. We can demonstrate how living diligence can monitor every transaction with the same level of scrutiny you exercised over the first opening of the relationship. We can put the right tools in your hands to make global business the free-flowing wealth creator it should be.

It's not just compliance; it's not just risk mitigation. It's the biz.

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Next-Gen Blockchain

We took a close look at blockchain technology and concluded that it was good, but could be better. The notion of an immutable ledger has obvious relevance to proving compliance, but the existing state of the art is too cumbersome and relies too much on sharing data across too many partner networks. So we've been working closely with our friends at InterlockLedger to build in a storage system that's nimble, responsive and even more secure than a conventional blockchain. Gone is the need for hundreds - or thousands - of shared nodes, gone are the complications of rewards, node voting and other irritations. Instead there's complete network privacy, instant peer-to-peer sharing, low storage overheads and a double-interlock security system that overlays blockchain's innate immutability with even greater assurance of truth.

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Living Diligence

It's not enough to check out your customers, suppliers or transaction partners at the start of your relationship. Companies evolve, indviduals come and go, end customers and markets change. How can you be sure that the business - and its people - that you approved a year ago are still safe and legal? Our platform monitors every transaction, providing you with a living, constantly updated view of your clients' and partners' activities, alerting you immediately and automatically if there's an important change.

And let's not just look at the negative side. As your customers' needs change, their companies evolve and their markets shift, you can adapt your offering to suit. Next-gen diligence is a uniquely powerful marketing tool.

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work the way you want to

We put a huge amount of thought and consultation into the development of our user interface. That doesn't just mean it's easy to use - that's the least you should expect - it also means that it's configurable to your working preferences. It mans features like the infinitely flexible project system that allows you to structure information in ways that make sense to you, not just business-wide, but in structures that suit individual job duties or project groups.

Of course, we provide all the initial and ongoing training you want, and there's a dedicated support line waiting to help you, but the best route to high productivity is an intuitive interface that's relevant to your job.


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It would be naive to believe in a world free of risk. Cross-border business is full of traps for the unwary, which is why global organisations approach it with such caution. But it's impossible to be precise with imprecise tools, or when precision comes at unfeasible cost. The biz.Clarency engine brings you the precision you need in a single-touch, near-instant toolkit. Now you can safely re-open opportunities that it were previously uneconomical to progress.

Whether you're complying with financial regulations or just push your business forward with reduced risk, biz.Clarency gives you the competitive advantage that will carry you into new success.

If you're looking to power opportunity, take this opportunity to contact us today.


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