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If you've tried to export your goods, or to import from one of the more challenging regions of the world, then you know how hard it can be. Banks may be reluctant to provide payments unless you jump through so many anti-money-laundering hoops that it could be months before any trade can take place. And by then the opportunity might well be gone.

So wouldn't it be great if you could short-cut that process by having all your proofs of good faith ready for financial organisations and potential business partners to inspect and approve? The ideal would be a system that keeps itself constantly up to date, checking licence renewals, passport expiry and the like, along with guaranteeing the authenticity of all of your identifying documentation - for your business, and its directors and shareholders. Better still, membership of such a scheme would allow you to show a verifiable certificate to tell banks, buyers and suppliers that you're safe and easy to deal with.

That scheme is biz.Clarency. It can make cross-border trade almost as simple and straightforward as domestic sales, so you can be more competitive and reach ambitiously into new markets.

For international buyers, sellers, agents and shipping companies, it's the biz.

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As a certified biz, you can show your customers and business partners that you're a safe bet. Not only that, but you're also easy to deal with, because potential customers, suppliers or partners can access up-to-date, fully verified information about your business.

A click-through on your website allows them to check your registration and view a limited but highly relevant record. In many cases, this may be all they require; just knowing that you're biz.badged may be all the reassurance they need to deal with you. But if they want more, they can ask for greater detail with the click of a mouse. You can then grant or deny access to your full record as you wish.

The biz.badge is your passport to better business. Join a global movement and become a world biz.

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Cluster Up

Trusted partners strengthen your business more than almost any other factor. Together you can solve more problems, answer more needs and make more sales. You multiply your competitiveness exponentially. Forming a biz.cluster makes it easy, not only for you to establish partnerships, but to progress them, keep them healthy and beneficial, and show the world how you can provide holistic solutions.

Being able to share opportunities with non-competitive extends the reach for everyone. And if you need to find the right partner to address a particular requirement, what better place to look than among a pre-selected and diligently monitored group of ethical and trustworthy companies?

As a biz.badged organisation you automatically join an exceptional forum business exchange that brings more opportunities and hugely reduced business risk.

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Boost your biz

Running a small to medium business can be a lonely occupation. All too often you're too busy fighting fires to move forward; you know you're missing opportunities, but you just don't have time to pursue them when there are disasters to be averted.

It's important that biz.badged companies prosper, as that's a vital factor in demonstrating their dependability to the outside world. So we put all sorts of resources at your disposal to help you, to guide you, and maybe to make you feel less alone. Regular webinars, not just on how to get the best from your biz.badge, but on wider business issues like how to maximise opportunities in emerging regions or how to work within changing international regulations.

There's also a curated forum to help you interact with your peers, share experience or novel solutions. Most of all, it's your platform, that you can shape and grow into a thriving global business community.

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We're committed to your success, not least because it's the core criterion that drives our success. What better recommendation can we have than a bank of prosperous customers? So we've put in place a comprehensive suite of support and training facilities.

We determined from the start that we wouldn't be yet another faceless, uncontactable technology company. Our support centre is staffed with highly trained people who are ready to help 24/7.


We run regular training courses. In the current climate, they're run as online interactive webinars, but we plan to offer regular in-person roadshows as the world returns to normal. If you prefer to learn at your own pace, then there's a detailed library of help videos for you to access whenever you need them.

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Launch Your Business to the World

With the right equipment, any journey is possible


It's a big world, with plenty of room for good business. It doesn't have to be an uphill struggle; all you need is the right support, and the trading advantages that will make it easy for your customers to deal with you.

You're in complete control of your data, including choosing who can access it - and which elements - on a case-by-case business. It's just a question of how much you want to be more competitive, how much you want your business to fly.

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