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You have a good product, you price it competitively, and you work hard to keep your customers happy. If only that were enough...

Unfortunately, when you're dealing across borders, it's a far more complex process. Everyone has to be more cautious, and you need the co-operation of banks, government agencies, shipping companies and a host of others, to say nothing of the need to convince your prospective customer that you're a safe, reliable bet.

The badge demonstrates, not only that your business been comprehensively vetted and verified, but that you're easy to deal with. Your new customers and partners can carry out their due diligence within a few minutes, instead of spending weeks or even months in expensive investigations.

It's easy to see how the badge puts you in pole position against your competitors. Get badged and go get 'em.

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Getting Started

Getting badged shouldn't take more than a few minutes of your time. It's just a case of entering the details of your company and its principal people. You'll upload a few documents, such as your certificate of incorporation and members' passports or driving licences. This information is never shared without your permission.

Our platform performs a range of background checks. If everything checks out, you'll be added to our directory of companies and you'll receive the resources and help to badge your business. Thereafter, you'll receive timely reminders of the expiry of any important licences or certificates.

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Moving Forward

Once set up, your certification largely takes care of itself. The system constantly checks that all of the information it holds is up to date and accurate. From time to time it will prompt you to re-upload any documents that are nearing expiry. That actually helps you, as it ensures you're not caught out by an expired passport or export licence.

Potential customers and partners can check out your business out by following the link from your website to verify your certification. If they want more detail, they can request it at a click. If you give permission, then they immediately have full onboarding information and you can begin to work together.

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There are two elements to the certification: initial onboarding and subscription. The initial onboarding is a one-off payment to cover the costs of the diligence process involved in assessing and approving your company. Approval cannot be guaranteed, and this payment is not refundable. In most cases, if approval can't be granted, you'll be advised of any corrective measures you may be able to take. The subscription element is paid monthly, and can be cancelled at any time.

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Launch Your Business to the World

With the right equipment, any journey is possible


It's a big world, with plenty of room for good business. It doesn't have to be an uphill struggle; all you need is the right support, and the trading advantages that will make it easy for your customers to deal with you.

You're in complete control of your data, including choosing who can access it - and which elements - on a case-by-case business. It's just a question of how much you want to be more competitive, how much you want your business to fly.

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